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Mission Products v Tempnology – Supreme Court Declines to “Vaporize” Licensee’s Rights Under Rejected Trademark License Agreement

The Supreme Court this week resolved a long-standing open issue regarding the treatment of trademark license rights in bankruptcy proceedings. The Court ruled in favor of Mission Products, a licensee under a trademark license agreement that had been rejected in the chapter 11 case of Tempnology, the debtor-licensor, determining that the rejection constituted a breach … Continue Reading

Ruling on Pipeline Agreements in Sabine Chapter 11 Case Indicates Battles That Lie Ahead in Energy Company Bankruptcy Cases

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Shelley Chapman ruled last week in the chapter 11 case of Sabine Oil & Gas that Sabine could utilize the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to “reject” certain agreements with pipeline operators.  This decision will permit Sabine to walk away from its obligations under the agreements and leave the pipeline operators with nothing but … Continue Reading

A&P — Direct Showdown Avoided On Leasehold Liens Under DIP Financing Order

Can a debtor seeking debtor-in-possession (“DIP”) financing under Section 364 of the Bankruptcy Code grant a lender a lien on a leasehold interest in the face of an express anti-hypothecation provision in the underlying lease? There are no cases directly on point, and the DIP financing order entered in The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company … Continue Reading